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Sensitive to the mermaid's song? You can have her! 

Parthenope is a mermaid kit: she is a crafty doll half porcelain (head, torso and hands) half clay (polymer clay or air dry clay) that you sculpt to make her tail. You have all the instructions inside the kit to make it. Not very difficult just need time and concentration. 


You have all the instructions with pictures step by step in the pdf I will send you.  And if you need more help you write to me and I'll be happy to guide you. 


Her very detailled face is painted with acrylic paints  very carefully and sealed. Be aware that each face  is different so she won't be exactly like in the picture even if the mold is the same (Elisabeth from Patricia Rose) 

Inside the kit you have: porcelain doll parts, metal wire, viscose, golden charms and chain, filigree, moss and fancy stuff to decorate her (glitter, sparkle, no hole beads etc). I also add the tip to print the scales. 

You won't have inside the kit the clay , the glues, the paints , the pipe cleaner and of course the tools (nothing special is required ! brushes to paint, cutter for the wire, large needle and fingers to sculpt !) 


At the moment the shop can't handle payments so to buy her, you need to write me to and I answer you ASAP knowing that I'm at the GMT+1 time. 

For the shipping with tracking number and fees add   17€ (Europ-USA-UK-)  9€ (France)


PARTHENOPE full kit + pdf

85,00 €Prix
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