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Sensitive to the mermaid's song? You can have her!  But you already have the doll parts? 

Well then the pdf tutorial is perfect for you ! 


Parthenope is a mermaid kit: she is a crafty doll half porcelain (head, torso and hands) half clay (polymer clay or air dry clay) that you sculpt to make her tail. You have all the instructions inside the kit to make it. Not very difficult just need time and concentration. 


You have all the instructions with pictures step by step. And if you need more help you write to me and I'll be happy to guide you. 


At the moment the shop can't handle payments so to buy her, you need to write me to and I answer you ASAP knowing that I'm at the GMT+1 time. 

You will receive the pdf by email when we make the transaction. 


PARTHENOPE tutorial pdf

30,00 €Prix
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